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Journey Square

By Gary Taylor

Performances & Special Events

WSFB features the original work of Founder and Artistic Director, Gary Taylor.  Gary tells STORIES THAT MOVE – “I have a passion for storytelling.  The classics compel me and inspire me.  My language is dance – I am driven by music.” 

Gary collaborates with composer Chris Heckman for original scores for his stories. His original works include ANGELS IN OUR MIDST, METROPOLIS, and JOURNEY OF HONOR.


Angels Calendar

Angels in our Midst

Stories about our Guardians
March 9-11, 2018

A Presence... Surrounding, Guiding, Protecting... 
Always with us.

Gary Taylor's ANGELS IN OUR MIDST, an extraordinary dance performance that explores the impact of the presence of guardians in our world.  

All around us are unseen forces in our lives, reminding us of our humanity and our connection to one another.  Gary Taylor, known for his stories that move, transforms these forces to the stage in the format of a "short story anthology"..


Alice In Wonderland

Young People

Special Events
Fairy Tale Series

Winston-Salem Festival Ballet is dedicated to the education and entertainment of young people offering Gary Taylor’s Fairy Tale Series, in-school showcases, and special events such as Alice’s Tea Party in 2016 at the Paul Ciener Gardens. What a great way for young ones to experience stories that move!

WSFB also has it’s own school,
Festival Dance Center specializing diversified ensemble style training..


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