“I have waited for centuries in secrecy and shadows for the return of my beloved.  She is here, in this place and I must know her, protect her, love her”.


Intriguing, Haunting, Seductive…

All describe Gary Taylor’s original tale of DRACULA, returning this season with a special showing at Reynolds Place Theater featuring a reception with special guests and cast alumni.   Based on the classic tale, but with a contemporary twist. DRACULA is told from the viewpoint of the vampire himself, focusing on his undying and timeless love for Mina.

“Words are not my way of telling a story… This isn’t my language, I speak through movement,” says Artistic Director, Gary Taylor.  “I tell stories that move… An author is defined as the originator of any written work, I am a choreographer. Dance is my medium and music is my language.  For quite some time now I have wanted to tell this story through Dracula’s eyes – as a never-ending love story.” 

Beside every great original choreographic work, there is a talented, dynamic, intuitive composer.  Chris Heckman and Gary Taylor have formed a collaborative relationship to create the language in DRACULA’s original full-length score. 

Featuring suspense and surprises, DRACULA has kept audience members on the edge of their seats from the moment the curtain rises.  DRACULA is definitely a “story that moves”.

Did you know?

Gary Taylor’s DRACULA premiered in Hanesbrands Theatre in 2010, the first year the facility was open and has been a season favorite there ever since with the exception of the 2020 season cancelled due to the pandemic? In 2021, WSFB was pleased bring DRACULA back with a special showing and on-demand with Artarie.com. WSFB continues to work to bring this audience favorite back to the live stage! Thank you for your patience and support!